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+1 540-347-7796

116 Sullivan Street, Warrenton, VA 20186
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  • Rob Lando
    Nov, 25 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Joes Service Center is exceptional.

    During a Va state inspection the technical advised me that my 2013 Toyota 4 Runner with 25,000 miles on it needed new front and back brakes WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR. About a month later and after receiving a $99.00 brake pads special from Koons Toyota I decided to take it there. Upon checking in I was immediately hit with the BS up charge game. The advisor without even seeing the truck told me I would need new front and back rotors in addition to the pads. I told them I'm responding to the $99.00 coupon they sent me and asked how they could recommend services without ever looking at the vehicle first.. I told them to first look at the car and then let me know if it was necessary on a 25,000 mile vehicle that still had factory brakes and rotors. They looked at it and after 3hrs came back and of course, I needed everything the advisor initially told me I would need even before looking at it. The price they quoted me was $1,200.00. After lots of choice words I declined and took my vehicle back.. I believe Koons is a total scam.. After a previous very positive experience with Joe's I decided to go there even though it was over an hour away.. Booking the appointment was easy and I was able to get in within 2 days. When I arrived the lady at the front desk was super nice, welcoming and professional.. I explained what the state inspection center told me about needing new brakes and didn't mention the rotors. I was waiting to see if they also recommended new rotors.. After they looked at the vehicle they called me and said that I needed new front and back brakes, but it wasn't urgent and I could wait about a year.. They didn't mention the rotors.. I went ahead and had the work done and within 2 hours everything was complete. Grand total price was $257.00. I was floored after the BS Koons tried to pull.. I literally saved around $1,000. The work was exceptional and the brakes work perfectly.. This was my second experience with them and they were phenomenal..
  • greg hitt
    Jun, 30 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    i called and spoke to kelly before i had car towed there.i was told i would be next to come in to have car looked at.well here it is 4-days later and car is still outside unlocked.why? i will never never take my cay to Joe's service center again nor will my friends!.
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